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Chrono24 Buyer Protection: What’s Included

Verified Payment Security

Our Escrow Deal service safeguards your funds by holding them in a secure escrow account throughout the transaction. The funds are released to the seller only after you have received and inspected the medical equipment to your satisfaction.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our money-back policy ensures your complete satisfaction with your medical equipment purchase. If the equipment you receive is not in the specified configuration or condition as described by the seller, you have the right to return it within 7 days of receipt. This policy promotes trust and confidence in our platform, allowing you to buy with peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Independent Dispute Resolution

In case of any disagreements or issues arising during the transaction, MedicalBase offers neutral, third-party dispute resolution services. This impartial mediation helps to address any concerns and ensures a fair outcome for both parties involved.

Buyer-Seller Agreement Compliance

The terms and conditions of each transaction are strictly enforced by our Escrow Deal service. We monitor the compliance of both parties to ensure a smooth, successful transaction that meets the agreed-upon conditions.

Fraud Detection Measures

MedicalBase implements advanced fraud detection measures to protect both the buyer and seller during the transaction process. By identifying and preventing potential fraud, we maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for our users.

Timely Payment Release

Upon successful completion of the transaction, including equipment inspection and adherence to the agreed terms, MedicalBase releases the funds held in escrow to the seller. This prompt payment distribution benefits both the buyer and seller by ensuring a swift and secure transaction.

Returns Made Easy

  1. 1. Initiate Return Request

    Contact our customer support team within 7 days of receiving the equipment, explaining the discrepancies between the received item and the specified configuration or condition.

  2. 2. Receive Return Authorization

    Our team will review your request and provide a return authorization, including specific instructions and a return shipping label to ensure a smooth return process.

  3. 3. Package and Ship Equipment

    Carefully package the equipment, following the provided instructions, and attach the return shipping label. Ship the item back to seller within the specified time frame.

  4. 4. Inspection and Refund

    Upon receiving the returned equipment, seller will inspect it and confirm the discrepancies. Once approved, we will process the refund to your original payment method.

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Although using the Escrow service is not mandatory for every transaction on MedicalBase, it is highly recommended. The Escrow service provides an extra layer of security and trust for both buyers and sellers, ensuring that transactions are completed smoothly and securely.

MedicalBase charges a small fee for using the Escrow service from sellers. This fee covers the cost of securely holding funds and managing the transaction. For buyers Escrow service is fully free.

The Escrow process timeline varies depending on factors such as shipping time and inspection period. Typically, once the buyer’s payment is secured in the escrow account, the seller ships the equipment. The buyer then has a 7-day inspection period to ensure the equipment meets the agreed-upon conditions before releasing the funds to the seller.

Yes, an Escrow transaction can be canceled if both parties mutually agree to do so. If there is a dispute or disagreement, the MedicalBase support team can step in to mediate and help both parties reach a resolution.

If the equipment doesn’t meet the agreed-upon conditions, the buyer should notify MedicalBase immediately. The buyer may be eligible for a refund under the 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee, provided they meet the specified requirements. In such cases, the funds held in escrow will not be released to the seller until the issue is resolved.

MedicalBase uses a trusted third-party escrow service to securely hold funds during the transaction process. The escrow account is monitored and managed to ensure that funds are only released when both parties have fulfilled their obligations, ensuring your funds are protected.

Yes, MedicalBase’s Escrow service is available for both domestic and international transactions. The Escrow service provides an extra layer of security for buyers and sellers, ensuring that transactions are completed smoothly and securely, regardless of location.

The buyer and seller should agree upon shipping and customs fees before initiating an Escrow transaction. Typically, the buyer is responsible for these fees, but this may vary depending on the specific agreement between the parties involved.

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