The MarketPlace auction starts in 7 days. gives you advice to buy and sell your used industrial vehicles and materials in total peace of mind!

Advice for sellers of used vehicles and materials

Payment by bank check

Systematically refuse to be paid with a cheque and favour bank drafts. Always check the validity of the bank draft: find the contact details of the agency that issued it and contact them to be sure of the authenticity of the bank draft. In some cases, you will have to appoint your own bank to check.

Beware of false credit transfers

Try and avoid bank transfer, such as Western Union. As a general rule, don’t accept any non-secure transactions.

Cash payment

If the payment is in cash, check the authenticity of the notes in a bank agency.

Don’t send any documents before the sale

Before the sale, it is better to orally give the buyer all the necessary information. The vehicle’s papers should not be given before the transaction.

Be careful of refund claims

Refuse the purchase proposals, with payment by cheque, with a higher sum to cover the transportation costs with refund through Western Union. This is a scam.

Suspect buyer?

Beware of buyers that only want to talk through emails. Also pay attention to buyers who are in a hurry or only want to pay without asking for information about the vehicle.

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